Ever feel like you’re being pulled in too many different directions?

Sometimes I feel this way. Usually, even though things are busy, my rhythm of working all the disparate elements of a small business comes together into this thing that I can’t quite call “balance”… but I do get all-the-things done in a somewhat timely and orderly fashion.

((Someone find a better word for that, please, because it isn’t balance.))

I dropped the ball.

Well, that rhythm came crashing down around my ears this week. In trying to add one more piece to the puzzle (a new emphasis on teaching), I dropped the ball. I scheduled a class to coincide with my vacation because I had not yet written my vacation into my work calendar.


Of course this realization came to me after the event website had been created. And after I shared it on social media. But, very thankfully, before anyone registered.

With frog in my throat, eating humble-pie, I sent an email to the coordinator of the event asking for the dates to be changed.


It was fine. My worst-fears of ruining my reputation with this organization, being shamed for not being able to keep my calendar in order… none of that happened. We changed the date, no problem.

My ‘take-away’?

Own your mistakes. They’re going to happen. No really, they’re going to happen a lot and you’re going to inconvenience other people along the way. But own it.

Don’t hide in the corner and let your fears build. Face that mistake, look it into the eyes and don’t let it define you. Let your professionalism define you. Become known for your sincerity, honesty, and problem solving skills.

Go forth, make mistakes, and own it.

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