Some of my best decisions have been instinctive.

But, somewhere along the way I started doubting my intuition, so in 2016 I’m focusing on learning to trust my gut-reactions.

The best instinctive decision I’ve ever made was to spend 6 months living in France. I didn’t put a lot of thought into it. There was no neatly typed pro/con list… which is a major departure from my usual way of functioning. I had the idea, knew it was right, and jumped into action.

So much went into coordinating that trip. I had to have documents translated into French and make a special trip to Atlanta to submit a visa application with the French consulate. I had to apply to work with the artist Nall, and make a special trip to interview with him in Fairhope, AL. I had to find someone to sublet my room, I had to get a French cell phone, etc. It was a quickly-made decision with long lasting consequences.

Why am I bringing this up?

I recently made a commitment to start trusting my gut again, especially when it comes to the growth of my business. So, when I saw an advertisement on Facebook for an inexpensive loom, I jumped on it.


My little car, filled to the gills with the dismembered loom.

I’ve been experiencing workflow problems as a part of the growing pains of starting a small-business. Delays with my weaving work meant that I lost out on a lot of potential work last year. It could be something as small as having to wait for the green light after sending a photo to a client, or as frustrating as backordered materials. Each delay meant having to find something else to do to fill the time. Of course, there’s always more to do, but constantly switching tasks is incredibly inefficient and not conducive to my best work.

Having a second work loom will mean that I can maximize my productivity, something that I give a lot of thought to. (There might even be a spreadsheet involved.) 

In the past when I’ve made big, instinctive decisions I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by the outcome– which is never what I would have imagined. Traveling to France broke me, inspired me, and redirected me. The experience led me down a new creative path and left me passionate in more ways than I can describe.

A new loom seems like nothing compared to making major life decisions, but in this decision I’m finding myself open to new possibilities and inspired to get to work.

One thought on “Gut Choices

  1. Ya, the joys of being self employed and having a small business! Glad to hear you picked up a second loom and can have multiple projects going. Your “waiting for a client’s response” is something that seems to slow us (creative types) all down.

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