6 months can go by in a flash.

That reality caught up with me last week when I saw the reminder for my dental cleaning. “Oh my gosh, I had my last cleaning right before my trip to France. I wanted pearly-whites for my vacation, can you blame me?

How can 6 months have passed?

The truth is… I’m a recovering workaholic.

Entrepreneurial rhythms are so much different than typical jobs. I set my own hours (which at first meant that I worked ALL the time). I decide what projects to take on and how I’m going to divide my labor to accomplish everything. There are certain inherent blessings in working for yourself. I was able to work double-time last August in order to take off most of September, and I don’t have to take on whole projects that I don’t want to do.

Of course, there are elements of every job that still feel like work, but I honestly have had so many instances where I’ve thought “Aww man, I don’t want to go hang out with my friends, I want to stay home and weave.” I love my job that much… and that kind of passion can be dangerously all-consuming. So much so that you lose track of 6 months of your life.

So how am I addressing this?

For the last couple of months I’ve been trying to order my days with more intention, so as not to be lost in the work. Because, surprise! the work never actually ends. There is always another item on the to-do list. I have learned that I can’t wait until “X” comes to rest, I have to choose rest.

One way I’ve worked this philosophy of choosing rest into my life is spending time each night investing in myself. Previously, I was working until the last minute and dropping into bed exhausted. Not good. Now, I reserve about 30 minutes each night to appreciate stillness.

I journal for a few minutes to synthesize what happened in my day, and then I sketch. As a Christian, I use this time to come before the Lord in thanksgiving, repentance, and petition. It’s a very settling way to end the day.


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.29.36 PM.png

February 8, 2016.             #Sketch_Daily


Do you rest?

It’s imperative to rest in ways that are truly restorative. I have found that my mind doesn’t disengage when consuming technology. There goes my habit of scrolling through Facebook or watching TV in my down-time.

30 minutes of silence reading a book, taking a hot bath, or writing and painting, that’s all it takes to hit my reset button.

What does that look like for you? I guarantee you it’s not Netflix. I challenge you to pick something and give it a try. Creating a habit of intentional rest has made my working hours more productive and less frenzied.

Let me know what you pick!

2 thoughts on “Choose Rest

  1. I’ve started writing- about 20 minutes a day. Typically in the mornings before anyone (Hugo) needs me. I’ve also started crocheting more, once he’s asleep for the night.

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