“We’ll be confident, we’ll be bold if we know the Light is for us”
-The Gray Havens


Take a look back at 2015 with me. It was a big year.

So big that blogging didn’t happen.



Signed the lease on my first post-college home. Many thanks to my dad for a rent-free 5 years.



Began my first handwoven baby wrap for Oolaloom Handwoven.



Finished said project.



April was a month of new beginnings!

Finished moving into my new place with the help of amazing friends.

Began the journey into full-time self-employment which has always been “the” dream.

Gave a speech at my church’s women’s retreat about singleness as a Christian woman. Public speaking has never been in my comfort-zone, so to have this opportunity to speak go smoothly was a major success!



Started getting into a self-disciplined groove. (Which involved copious amounts of caffeine.)




Saw the fulfillment of a long-time dream: visiting Vermont. The wedding of a dear friend gave me an excellent reason to check this one off the bucket-list. The trip also allowed me to reconnect with my Freshman-year roommate and my Lacoste, France roommate. These three girls are my heart!


Roberta & I in front of her new bar/restaurant!


The calmest bride you’ve ever seen.


Sweet Sarah!


Accepted an award at the Alabama Young Professionals Summit as an “Influencer” (using social/new media to have a positive impact on my community), and gave my second speech of the year… which I was considerably less prepared for!

As work with Oolaloom continued I was able to grow my studio. I built this vertical warping reel from scratch:


There’s room for improvement, so let’s call it Version 1.0


Was a blur. I worked over 80 hours most weeks to ensure that I could take off 90% of September.


A lovely, semi-custom baby wrap I made for Oolaloom during my sleepless month.


Traveled back to my heart-land, Provence, France. Spent a week soaking up joy, camaraderie, and inspiration at SCAD Lacoste with a handful of fellow Fibers alumni.


The following week I explored Marseille and spent sweet moments of fellowship with a missionary family I became acquainted with several years ago. After my brief visit to Marseille in 2009, it was a city which I did not expect to fall in love with. I could not have been more wrong!


Google search “les calanques”, you will not be disappointed!


Recharge. Reset. Rest. Reflect. Run. Relax. Reinvent. October was all the R words.


4th Annual Beach Trip with the best of friends.


I couldn’t NOT go as a French mime for Halloween.


A month of giving thanks.

Slowing down and enjoying the pace of French life taught me so many things. Not the least of which is to savor the moment. In November I began a #sketch_daily project to capture the flavor of each passing day.


Follow my #sketch_daily journey on Instagram @eparke20


Made it to Atlanta for Thanksgiving to enjoy many laughs, movies and memories with pretend roommates. Friendsgiving is the way to go, y’all.

Processed with VSCOcam with p8 presetThe talented Stephanie Mma captured the joy of Friendsgiving 2015.


Bought my first real Christmas tree to celebrate my first full year in my first real place.

2015 was a wild ride that I couldn’t be more thankful for. Here’s to a 2016 of big dreams, hard work, deep friendships, and joy in the Lord.


Christmas kitsch meets high-end babywrap manufacturing. Doesn’t get better.

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