Self-Finishing Prairie Points.


I don’t know, this may already be ‘a thing’, but I’ve been dreaming of ways to make prairie-points self-finishing. They have so much potential beyond decorative quilt-binding. For instance, I think they would make for great textural element on a baby blanket.
On the bags I made for this Friday’s market, I attached a thin bias-binding to the prairie-point strip and appliquéd the whole thing onto the bag’s front (before assembly). The bias binding allowed me to make a nice, gentle curve (to enhance the bunting-like effect).
What I’ve made for you tonight is essentially the same concept as adding a bias-binding except here the binding and the points are all one piece of fabric. The perpendicular effect could also be achieved using bias-binding, but I was curious to experiment with self-finishing techniques.
Without further ado:
First up: Cut a 10″ x 5″ rectangle and cut 2″ slits every 2″ (off-setting by 1″ on the opposite side). This leaves a 1″ dead-zone in between points which will become the binding. Sew straight down the middle to attach this strip to another piece of fabric. (If you made this dead-zone .5″ wide and attached it to the other fabric at the base of one side of points the end-result would leave the points laying parallel to the foundation fabric. I hope that makes sense…)
Now, nest the two sides of points together as you usually would and pin together. Baste these layers together- you’ll need to get uncomfortably close to the raw edge of the points, about 1/8 of an inch. This makes a row of prairie points with a tube attached to a foundation piece. Not very pretty at this point 🙂
I got that manicure I was whining for a few posts back! Shellac nails, y'all. It's the way to go.

I got that manicure I was whining for a few posts back! Shellac nails, y’all. They’re the way to go.

Stay with me here: I want you to meet the base of the points to the seam that attached the points to the foundation piece. Roll the binding up towards the points, covering your basting stitches and pin to secure.


Imagine row upon colorful row of these things!!

Top-stitch as close to the edge of the binding as you can stand. (You see two rows of stitching on my sample because I stitched on the wrong side and didn’t catch both sides of binding on the first go.)


PRESTO!! Self-Finishing Prairie Points. If it wasn’t ‘a thing’ before, it is now.

Happy crafting! If you decide to give this a try, let me know! I’d love to see your twist on this traditional technique.

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