A little background information before this post begins:

I’m good at stubborn. I will do something ad nauseam just for the sake of proving I was right (especially when evidence supports otherwise). I have a strong suspicion that this is an inherited trait. 

Doing this:


free-motion quilting

Has been such a hot mess.

I was sure that it wouldn’t be a problem to quilt these myself. So sure that I really didn’t consider it at all when planning. After all, that’s why I have the awesome quilting machine, right?

Reality sets in: The weight of the quilt (among other problems) makes it virtually impossible to create an even stitch-length.

Solution: So what do I do? I keep on doing the same darn thing over and over again– all the while, quite sure that hooping the quilt would give me the control needed to produce the highest-quality stitch.  Naturally I avoid this solution.

Until frustration overcame my stubbornness… Did hooping the quilt give me the desired results, you ask? No.

Result: There will be no more large-scale free motion quilting in my immediate future; and my design for the remaining three quilts in this series will be substantially altered to avoid any more quilting shenanigans.

On a positive note… I’m really looking forward to tying down all these loose ends:


Of which there will be hundreds.

No, I’m not being facetious. I love this part.



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