The illustrious Ginger Cobl over at The Cupboard has invited me to come give a weaving demonstration in October for the final 3rd Friday Downtown Decatur Festival/Artist Market/Thing of the season. I’m excited to get out and share my craft!

So while I’m not busy doing this:



Free-motion quilting!!!


I’ll be planning and prepping my ‘small’ loom for a demo project!



Card-wrapping and graph-paper sketch to help me flesh out ideas for this little project.

I feel incredibly -blah- today, maybe it’s the rain; but somehow I still had a moderately productive day. Part of my productivity involved sleeping through my alarm and missing my morning run. A girl’s got to sleep. Know what I mean?


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

  1. Thank you! It was a little tricky to work with– I had to stretch it out to get the pattern in the right place so it was like sewing a bit of elastic to my quilt top! Which made it super fun to baste all the quilt layers together…

    Now that I have one quilted I’m thrilled with the result! Let me know if you do something similar, I would love to see!

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