Not sure if I ever blogged about this…

I always scope out the remnant pile when I go fabric shopping. It’s a problem. Which means I have a little stash of .5-1 yd cuts of fabric. Sometime last year I went insane from the mess of fabric bought a bunch of these comic book boards off Amazon to organize my stash. I really like this system. All my .5-3 yd cuts get wrapped around these boards and organized on a shelf. Having miniature bolts of fabric makes it feel like going to the fabric store every time I look at them.





Now it’s easy to see what fabric I have (versus sifting through vertical stacks of fabric) and play with combinations when planning a project!


I would love to hear what systems you’ve adopted to make your studio a more enjoyable space!


2 thoughts on “Mini-bolts

  1. Haha, mine was that way for years till I got FED UP! I have some wire drawers that are sort of convenient for storing the rest of my fabric- at least I can see in the side to know what I have… but that still requires actual digging just to pull out one thing 😦
    Let’s just say my studio organization is still a work in progress!

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