Finished my design! You’ll notice I resorted to graph paper after all:


Kindly ignore the unintentional flag. My patriotism just can’t help but seep through, I guess.


And figured out the How and How Much for each cut of fabric:



This really turned out to be a comedy of errors. I was completely lost in thought when figuring these up. It’s important to make sure that stripes are all oriented the same direction, and it wasn’t until the serious work of putting blade to fabric that I realized this mistake among others. Thankfully I didn’t ruin much of my fabric!



All 80 pieces cut!


Aaaaand completely forgot about it being the 4th of July! I may have gotten carried away and worked on these quilts ALL day (all four tops are nearly finished) to the exclusion of absolutely everything else. Somewhere around 9 I realized I never ate dinner and I could really use a glass of water…

One of these days I might turn into a responsible adult. Just don’t hold your breath.



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