Let me sum up the last four months in one word: ridiculous.

My productivity level plummeted even though I never stopped working/going-going-going. I must have spent at-least one month of evenings after work just researching ways to make my weaving more time-efficient.  I learned a ton that will help me with future projects, but boy do I wish I had more finished product for the Christmas shopping season!

Today I took 10 handwoven tea-towels to The Cupboard. “Real-life” showed up and got in the way of crafting so that’s all I have to show for myself.

IMG_0861(before washing)

IMG_0869(before ironing + trimming)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(washed/ironed/hemmed/tagged + ready to go!)

The past four months have also been ridiculously fun.  Most notably, “real-life” included plenty of gardening, volunteering at the Monte Santo Art Festival, meeting four sweet newborns, attending a Fiddler’s Convention, and dressing up as Pop-Art for Halloween. Oh I almost forgot, I also made three more picnic blankets and a big handful of quick-change-bags!


Here’s looking forward to another ridiculous/joyful/busy season of crafting & living!


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