One of these days soon I’m going to post an update of this past month’s craziness. Instead of doing that now I’m going to introduce you to my new friend.

I’ve wanted a new sewing machine for years. The one I had ran a little bit like a bull in a china shop. Recently every time I sewed on it something new would go *clunk.* Over the years I have primarily lusted after Husqvarna Viking, Juki, and Bernina brands. Somewhere along the line I decided that Husqvarna was for me and I’ve been saving for one ever since graduation.

Yesterday I went in to my local Husqvarna dealer to test-drive the machines, get information, and check prices. Let me be quite clear: I had NO inclination to make a purchase… so naturally, I walked out with a barely used, discounted floor-model.


Meet Mr. Juki HZL-F400, everyone. You’ll notice he’s not a Husqvarna. This machine is comparable to the Husqvarna models I had my eye on, but I was hooked as soon as the saleswoman showed me that I could trigger the machine to cut the thread with a tap of my heel on the foot pedal and that it comes with a knee lever to raise the presser foot. Those two features mean that I can stop sewing, remove the fabric, and cut the threads HANDS FREE! Imagine the possibilities. I went to bed last night dreaming about the incredible efficiency of this machine. (Yes, I will proudly wear the badge of Sewing Nerd.)

We spent today getting familiar with one another. Over the coming week I will watch the accompanying DVD and read the manual cover-to-cover, because I’m that person. We made a cotton-linen circle skirt with a pretty pin-stripe, inset pockets and an invisible zipper. Yet to be hemmed.



I feel certain that we have many productive years ahead of us! If I can get a hem in it this skirt just might make it’s debut at church next week!


One thought on “An aside.

  1. Now that is adorable! Congratulations on your new friend! 🙂 I hope you have lots of fun together. And there will be no going clunk for now on.

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