Coming soon to a store near you (if you just happen to live in the Tennessee Valley)! My aprons, picnic quilts, and other odds & ends will be available at Harrison Brothers Hardware Store. They claim to be “better than a museum”, but I happen to like museums so I can’t get on board with that phrase. However, every time I’m downtown I make a point to visit Alabama’s oldest operating hardware store where they sell everything but the kitchen sink, although I did see a vintage wash-basin on my last visit.

Stay tuned for a quick tutorial.

Let me tell you, since I became serious about starting a side business my life has changed. All my free time is accounted for. I love it, but I also want a good nap!

My sewing machine is churning out 6 handmade aprons like a champ. Here’s an idea of what they will look like:



The moment you’ve been waiting for. How to Coffee Dye:

Step One: Purchase absurdly large stock pot (also good for making dog food in bulk).

Step Two: Brew 2 pots of coffee (not a problem for a former barista).

Step Three: Boil apron.



[Kitchen: a place sometimes used for cooking.]

Step Four: Rinse in cold water and hang to dry.

IMG_0464[Drying Rack: item sometimes used for laundry]

Step Five: Take pictures and blog about frivolous things.


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