The quilting is finished now (in fact the binding is almost finished!) but I figured if you’ve been following this quilt’s story you deserve to know about the quilting thread color palette. It is a big deal after all.


For this project I want to marry hand and machine quilting for two reasons. One, I love the way hand quilting looks, at least in my head it makes a quilt appear more valuable because you know those stitches came from a living-breathing-human’s hands. But more importantly, hand quilting takes a lot of time- so if I have any desire at all to sell this thing I need to keep my cost of labor low.

The pink strip in the quilt was hand-outlined with the pink thread, likewise the blue floral with the navy thread. When your quilt top is this busy I think it is best not to complicate matters with a lot of busy quilting. So I opted to use the lovely gray thread pictured above to stitch-in-the-ditch wherever it was needed to provide structural integrity and visual balance.


See that? It’s the biggest sewing hoop ever I’ve ever seen. It attaches to a metal stand to make quilting more convenient. Pretty nifty, I say.


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