Lynne's Blanket


I wouldn’t mind if it would stop snowing ASAP.



4 thoughts on “Welcome, Spring

  1. It’s beautiful, Erica! I am SO impressed! It looks marvelous. Too bad you can’t cut yourself off a piece to keep… I want to see this bad boy in person. Also, I love the graphic up top. 🙂 Someone’s using her new Adobe software!

  2. I’m glad you like it! ((I am in NO way emotionally removed from the things I make. I really really want people to like the fruit of my labor and I doubt that will ever change.))

    The weaving got a bath this weekend and was laid out in the sun to dry. The plan is to bring it to church for Lynne this weekend, you should hunt me down then if you want a peek!

    Someone is terribly confused about how to use her new Adobe software! But she’s trying!

  3. Sorry I missed the fabric. I’ll have to ask Lynne next time we’re all at her house so i can fawn over it in person.

    Also sorry that we haven’t gotten together to talk Adobe. When do you want to come over for lessons? Thursday if we don’t do trivia night (which you’re invited to if you’d like to come this time)?

    • You haven’t missed it yet, it’s still in my living room!

      Don’t we have book club this Thursday? I volunteered to do a friend’s graduation announcements, so I’m sure I’ll have questions for you as I go along. Thank you so much for being willing to help!

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