It’s been a while since I’ve quilted and I sure have missed it! So today I locked myself away in the studio and pinned/sewed/ironed to my heart’s content (Seriously, someone please find me a way to do this full-time).

The lighting is pretty terrible, I know.


Below is my favorite “moment” of the quilt so far. You know what I’m talking about. Look at the chance meeting of these two fabrics– where the dark floral meets that slightly psychedelic teal pattern. It’s delicious, admit it.



2 thoughts on “Pattern Play

  1. I admit it. But I’ll also admit that my favorite “chance meeting” that I’m seeing so far is the 4 peachy fabrics side by side… you can see it at the top right of this picture. I love that they’re all the same palette, but degrees of busy (granted, two of them are the same fabric). What would you call that, Miss Art Teacher?

  2. Ha! Thanks for the admission.

    I did my best to balance the soft, sweet, peachy pinks and delicate blues and greens with the bolder, brighter patterns when I laid out my strips. The most effective means I found was to group the softer colors together so that they create a larger visual statement to offset the shock of the dark strips.

    How’s that?

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