I didn’t collect any papers so I don’t have a visual for you, but I have to brag on my 1st and 2nd Graders.

First, a funny observation: When asked, the Kindergarten class defined Value as a character quality, like good-family-values. Well 1st & 2nd said “it’s about money and stuff” and “it’s the sum worth of an item.” No joke// Out of the mouths of babes.

This time I ditched the worksheet and (after a quick demonstration) gave everyone a blank sheet of paper. They were asked to fill the paper from one side to the next going from light to dark with a black crayon. I walked around and asked probing questions, asking them to point out light/medium/dark values. If their paper had a big jump in values we would talk about the difference and try to make an in-between value.

When we finished the black value scales we learned that you can see light/medium/dark values with any color in the crayon box! Amazing, I know! They filled the backs of their papers with value scales of different colors. A couple of the girls chose light pink and bright yellow and we had great discussions about the faint contrast to the white of the paper.

They got it. I mean they really got it. A few of the boys thought they were too cool to participate, but 95% of the class was engaged, I am entirely thrilled!


2 thoughts on “Value

  1. Erica, I feel like you might have hit upon your calling! Well one of them, anyway. We can have several. It sounds like you’re a wonderful teacher, and it’s great that you’re having so much fun doing it, too. (I would be a TERRIBLE teacher to small children. If i was teaching art, we’d have run out of activities because we would have already gone through hand-shaped turkeys and macaroni-covered items and I’d be out of ideas!)

    • Amanda, I’m glad you have a little faith in my art-teaching abilities! Don’t feel bad, it seems that every week I’ve scratched my head and asked “what next!?” Also glad to know that I am allowed several callings, because I want to be an Astronaut Zombie-Killer one day and I would be disappointed if I had to make do with Preschool Art Teacher for the rest of my life.

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