My not-at-all-original baby-shower gift idea… Quick Change Bags.


I got a little carried away one evening this Winter. I was in the mood to Craft {I always end up staying up too late when that mood strikes me} and I had Pinterest open on my phone {dangerous combination}.

So I sorted through my entire fabric stash and picked out combinations that remind me of my sweet, quirky, and pregnant friend Laura, drew up my appliqués, and worked until my sewing machine gave out!  Naturally, the project went on the back burner until the week of the shower. I swear procrastination raises my blood pressure. Somewhere in those two months the cute blue-jean cording I had planned to use disappeared. So I ripped the ribbon pictured off of old LOFT shopping bags. We call that resourceful and cheap.


The whole project cost less than 15 dollars, and I know that Laura will get years of use from them.


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