My dad and I are reclaiming wood from an old shipping pallet to make a new top for the table I use in my studio. I found the table for cheap at a second-hand store; it is sturdy and has great legs. Unfortunately, the top is made out of something akin to linoleum. It has to go.

I want to honor the history of the wood so we are going to keep the holes.

Lovely as they are, they pose a bit of a problem to creating a smooth work surface. Some traditional methods of filling holes in wood are to create matching or contrasting wood plugs, to fill it with ‘wood filler’ which is typically light in color but can be purchased in a variety of wood tones, or to fill it with plastic resin. The vision I have in my head is too keep these areas dark so they reflect their origin.

So we concocted our own wood filler, dyeing it black with drops of India ink.

The filler is left to dry overnight and then the wood is planed to create a smooth surface.

I’ll keep you posted with our progress! I am excited to be learning so much about woodworking!


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