And that is because I have the day off work and Spring Cleaning has commenced. Saturday yard sale to follow!

I thought I would give a brief update on what I accomplished during the coldest, longest Winter of my life:

  • 2 Simple Baby Blankets: both finished and in the care of two wonderful new mothers.
  • Hand-Woven kitchen towels: check and check. This little project produced 5 towels, one of which is now in the care of my grandmother Jo Nell.
  • Christmas presents: If these weren’t done we would certainly have a problem!
  • Also read some really fun books, built deeper friendships, and worked like a dog at my job!

In the works:

  • A quilt for an unspecified ‘favorite’ person of mine.
  • A very non-traditional quilt for another, specified ‘favorite’ person of mine, one Jacey Lucus.
  • Learning to coupon, re-learning a software, etc.

Still to come in all my free time:

  • tiny tiny embroidered quilts started in France last year that I’ve been desperately wanting to finish!
  • applique quilt square

It’s time to go get crackin’ on the cleaning, I’ll let you know how the yard-sale goes!


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