So I have to finally admit to myself that summer is over.  The weather is changing and I really need to accept that it’s Fall!

Here’s a quick pictorial update:

I studied lots and lots.

I replaced my tragically wrecked car with a fun little hatchback (now named Nell after my grandmother).

Ate the world's best hush puppies

at the world's best barbecue place.

Drove a million hours through the South to get to

this amazing wedding.

Caught up with some friends in Memphis.

Turned right around and went to Atlanta to visit Miss Kara and go antiquing,

where we found something that made us think about Miss Janelle and I bought an amazing typewriter (!)

and learned that this phone is called 'the Erica.'

After a long day of shopping we went to see the Avett Brothers. Very fun.

Well, those are the big things, but other than that I finished my course work (which means that I graduated from college!!), found a great church, and have been looking for work.

Until next time ❤


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