This past month has been full full full. There was much to do and much to learn. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with you, my dear blog, but I just needed a little time to process things before putting them into words!

It snowed in Savannah, Georgia.

They're from Florida! and it's snowing!

Janelle wore too many prints.

Look at all that! It was awesome.

We had a magnificent Open-House at the Fibers building, Pepe Hall.

Ms. Lexi Palladino everyone

My CAD-Woven samples on display

My hand-quilted whole-cloth quilt on display.

I made three quilts.

The last of the charm quilts I'm making for my portfolio. It has a fun stripe on the back!

A new series of baby quilts. This one is a rainbow!


Valentines Happened.

Olga made a pie

and I made Valentines.

I went to the Love-Day Trunk Show in the freezing cold to support my dear friend Caitlin.

Caitlin with her trunk of handmade goodies

I also started working at Hancock Fabrics where I now touch polyester fleece more often than should be legal.

Here’s a little love from Lacoste to send you off-

The view out of my front door this Fall!


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