When I couldn’t find a work-study position at the beginning of this quarter, I decided to give that worry over to God. I would handle my money carefully and things would work out by His grace. When I was in Hancock Fabrics this week, I was chatting up the lady who was checking me out. Somehow that conversation led to me leaving with an application in my hand. I was hired the next day! The hours are perfect, it won’t be a huge addition to my schedule, and I won’t work more than 4 hours at a time so it won’t wear me out. Thank you God.

I made these coffee-cup sleeves today. That's been on my to-do list for at least a year!

Kara and I took our new cup-sleeves on a roadtrip/ testdrive to Starbucks!

My friend Hannah made these little guys for a presentation. She tried out her speech on me while I ate the treats she brought!

These are a few of the fabrics I am using in my latest quilt, they are soft and feminine without being pink and obnoxious

I have started quilting the scraps that I used to throw away.

There is nothing lovelier than perfectly pressed seams on the back of a quilt-top!


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