I’m taking a weaving course that works with Dobby looms and computer software that designs patterns like magic. This weekend, I wove on the loom for the first time and with my own design!

But Monday is where things really get interesting…

One of my classmates brought in the organic cotton that she grew this year (and she let us play with it!). Because she has such a small amount she is having to hand separate the fiber from the seeds. We all pitched in and helped a little bit. We didn’t need much persuasion, if you’ve ever touched organic cotton then you will know it is like petting a cute puppy while sitting on a cloud draped in the finest silk. It’s that soft.

She let me keep the seeds I separated.

I'm going to grow them in 5 gallon buckets!

Later that day…

I sewed the binding to my quilt:

Then I blind-stitched the back of the binding to the quilt until 2 am [never say I’m not dedicated]

I threw it in the wash this morning, and it turned out lovely!


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