Let’s have a conversation about quality.

And yes, this is about my new socks.

Here is this local honey. The name of the man who kept the bees and harvested their honey is right on the label. Plus, local honey is good for allergies.


This honey bear. I have no idea where this honey came from, or how it was handled or processed.

These grits that were stone-ground by water power by very nice small business owners whom I have met.


These "quick" grits produced in some factory somewhere by the fine people of Quaker.

This hand-woven straw hat bought from a charming woman in a medieval village in the south of France.


This machine-made, produced in China, found in a dollar bin at Target, "straw" hat.

This one is about packaging and waste rather than product quality. Loose- leaf teas packaged in reusable tins.


The same product in far more wasteful packaging. The paper bag holds a little mesh bag which holds your tea. All of which you throw away.

Now, let’s not forget about the socks.

This sad thing is no match for the beautiful wool sock that is on my size 1 double-pointed-needles right now. Every stitch made by hand, with love.


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