Well I only stayed up to 1:30 this time, I wanted to finish turning the toe on my first ever knit sock!

I’ve always been a little bit scared to knit socks, but I decided to take the plunge yesterday. My pattern said that gauge is important, so I knit a little swatch and said to myself  “that should be close enough, it will stretch a bit and be nice and snug”. Famous last words. It turns out that gauge really is important, because I made the toe 2/3 the size it should have been. In the end, I was able to salvage the sock (that’s what 10 years of knitting is good for).

I’m learning some good skills with this sock, so I’m considering this little knitting time-suck to be ‘resource gathering and portfolio development’!

Crochet Cast-On

The sock before I went to bed... it's a real shape!

Before I went to class

Watch, it's growing!!


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