If you are a knitter it is my recommendation that you read the book Free-Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I started it one day and was immediately obsessed. I read most of it in one day (I was knitting while I read ((maybe that would make Stephanie proud)) with the pages of the book held down by my laptop). When it wasn’t causing me to sit silently in poignant reflection, I was laughing the cheap, Chinese imported socks off my feet. That’s my book plug for the day.

"Are you making socks?"

I hung out with my knitter-friend Mary Margaret today. She wound my yarn in the AT&T store (it made the woman helping us smile). And as we sat sipping our coffees at Parker’s Market we were approached by a shopper who thought it was great that we were able to knit and talk at the same time. She inspired a neat idea to combine quilting and knitting to make one awesome pair of fingerless gloves. I told her that if I ever made any I would send her a pair and we exchanged business cards! (That’s why I’ve been carrying those around for all these years!) Later I was knitting in the lobby of Fresh Market and a cute older couple approached me. The woman told me how wonderful it was to see someone of a younger generation doing that (which is humorous because she herself was not a knitter). She told me I should knit helmet liners for the men at war (which sounds really hot to me).

It never fails to amaze me how knitting in public makes you so much more approachable to people. It’s a neat thing though, I met some great people today!

A little color inspiration from Savannah


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