Its funny,  but I’m finding myself with a few extra minutes to spare and I just don’t know what to do with myself. In the future I should keep a list of things to do on hand. I’ll make that list tomorrow…

I overheard a couple of Sophomore girls complaining about a teacher who was insisting that they do a lot of work and be self-motivated instead of giving constant demonstrations. What a joke. The best classes I’ve taken or teachers I’ve had have been work intensive and have taught me that the only way to learn is through practice. So it comes down to… Self- Motivation. Without it, enjoy your ride to nowhere.

Also an important life skill, problem solving. Such as in the project I just turned in with all the tedious cross- stitching. I left out an entire word because I was sewing on auto- pilot. Woops. Historically, it turns out that as young women would make their samplers and run out of room or forget words, etc. that they would be forced to problem solve. Most of the samplers that can be found are meticulously planned, spaced, and executed; but every once and a while you find tiny little letters that have been squeezed in to finish a word. Luckily for me the sentence makes since without the extra “its” and now reads “When color achieves its rich-ness, form attains plenitude”.


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