So much for focusing on my artwork, I have been focusing on me since I got home. Recooperation over, I’m ready to go back to SCAD! No, really, I can’t wait. Things have been slow as mud here at home.

One day, I think I would like to move back here and make a life for myself. Though, right now I have very few things to keep me interested when I’m in town.  I love my parents, but I’m at a point in my life where I no longer need to be under their roof and their rules. A few days of concentrated visiting generally seems to be enough. A couple friends from high school that made their way to Savannah after me and the one good friend left from high school. That’s all that’s tying me to my past. Funny, I always thought I was a person with roots.

I love the life I have made for myself in Savannah, but I know how temporary it is. In two more years we will part ways. I can’t bear to think of that yet, there is too much to be done first.

I’m looking ahead. What’s to come has always proven to be a bit more exciting than what’s been had.

(((“The Well and the Mine” is a fantastic book about growing up during the Great Depression in the mining town of Carbon Hill, Alabama. I met the author, Gin Phillips, a few weeks ago, she inspired my mother to start writing again.))


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